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  •                 We are able liaise you to identify a quality candidate to your selection process in the most reasonable cost effective manner. To deliver the quality candidates is our utmost respect to serve the client. Our Executive Recruitment team is made up of a number of support staff and a group of senior consultants.

                    The selection of the right person for the position results in increased company performance and heightened morale. Few executives can spare the time away from their key responsibilities to undertake the time consuming tasks of screening a large number of people to find the correct person to be appointed.

                    The Recruitment Strategy is Diagnosis, Executive Search, Networking, Database Search, Advertising. Interview Technique is one of our critical success factor. The job related competencies program will determine in three areas: Technical knowledge and skills; Performance skills; Motivations reveal. We conduct effective interview sessions with the candidates from the screening process, and finally evaluate and rating the candidates.